CLASS F+ - Reinell 246 with Tower

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5.8 Liter GXI 320 H.P 24'6" Seats 10 Where Luxury and Performance meet! The 246 LSE moves through all types of water with power and elegance. If you are looking to Wakeboard or Water Ski we recommend having no more than 6 people on this boat to make sure it has ample power.  The 246 is our Largest and Most Spacious Power Boat. For Current Reservation Status, call Ski Run Boat Company 530-544-0200 or Tahoe Keys Boat Rental 530-544-8888.  Reservations can be made with commitments of 4 Hours of Rental time or more.  Shorter durations are available on a first come, first serve basis.
1 Hour Rental (Walk-In Only) 1 Hour $234
AM 1/2 Day Rental 4 Hour Rental in the Morning $702
PM 1/2 Day Rental (Tahoe Keys Location Only) 4 Hour Rental in the Afternoon $702
Sunset Rental (Tahoe Keys Location Only) 2.5 Hour Rental in the Evening $468
Single Day Rental 8 Hours $1404