CLASS A - Reinell 185

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4.3 liter, V-6, 190 H.P., 18'5" 7'6" Beam, Seats 7 Our Very Popular All-Sport Family Runabout, the 185 delivers excellent handling and a smooth comfortable ride. With a large interior layout and lots of storage space the 185 can easily accommodate all of your favorite water sport activities. For Current Reservation Status, call Ski Run Boat Company 530-544-0200 or Tahoe Keys Boat Rental 530-544-8888.  Reservations can be made with commitments of 4 Hours of Rental time or more.  Shorter durations are available on a first come, first serve basis.
Hourly Rental (Walk-In Only) 1 Hour Rental $149
AM Half Day 4 Hour Morning Rental $447
PM Half Day (Tahoe Keys Location Only) 4 Hour Afternoon Rental $447
Sunset Special (Tahoe Keys Location Only) 2.5 Hour Evening Rental $298
Single Day Rental 8 Hour Rental $894