Gold Class Tritoon

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The Gold Class is the ultimate in comfort and it is Perfect for large parties or family gatherings. Full length Bimini Shade can be rolled up completely, or have either the front or the back protected against the sun. For Current Reservation Status, call Ski Run Boat Company 530-544-0200 or Tahoe Keys Boat Rental 530-544-8888.  Reservations can be made with commitments of 4 Hours of Rental time or more.  Shorter durations are available on a first come, first serve basis.
1 Hour Rental (Walk-In Only) 1 Hour $249
AM 1/2 Day Rental 4 Hour Rental in the Morning $747
PM 1/2 Day Rental (Tahoe Keys Location Only) 4 Hour Rental in the Afternoon $747
Sunset Rental (Tahoe Keys Location Only) 2.5 Hour Rental in the Evening $498
Single Day Rental 8 Hours $1494